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Aggregation Layer in DeFi

The power to aggregate all activity in DeFi at your fingertips. We aggregate AMMs, derivatives, aggregators, and more for you.

Aggregated Liquidity
Liquidity Sources
Integrated Networks

The most integrated ecosystem in DeFi history

UniDex has an endless list of integrated platforms for traders and analyst alike. With new partners everyday, UniDex lets you interact with all of DeFi from one portal.

Swap Aggregation
Derivative Products
Leverage Trading

Best-in-class trading terminal

UniDex provides a constantly updated trading terminal for both basic and professional traders. With integrations like TradingView™, you can trade with confidence with cutting edge tools.

High-level analytics
Top level position management
Limit orders for any DEX
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Powerful & Open API / SDK

Our API is completely open for any developer or platform to utilize. Best-in-class uptime and performance for any platform to supercharge their userbase's experience.

Aggregation API
Limit/Stoploss Order API
Trade data
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Q1 2023
Q1 2023
Q1 2023
New Trading Pairs: Adding more trading pairs you wont find anywhere else for trading like interest-rate swaps, trading commodities, and other instruments
CrossChain Aggregated Perps: Trading perpetual leverage products between all EVM networks with a single unified liquidity pool
Limit Orders V3: Expanding to a gasless, open relayer, and flexible order type system. Launching on all 20+ chains
Q2 2023
EVM App Chain: Expanding protocol into its own 'App Chain' allowing for greater flexibility and complete decentralization of the protocol
Rebranding: Giving the UniDex brand a new look and feel to more properly fit our place in the market
Exploring A Mobile 1st Focus: Exploring opportunities to create a native mobile app to provide a smooth experience for on-the-go traders

Meet the team

50% of the product is the traders, and 50% of the product is the team. It's our philosophy for our tokenomics, and here you can meet the faces building the ecosystem behind UniDex.

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Krunal Amin
Gor Shipaktsyan
Andrés Ruiz
Vin Ayak
Vladimir Hovsepyan
Arthur Wojtyna
Syed Ahmed
Zilonil Abucejo
Graphic Design
Tim Strebkov
UI/UX Designer

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