Fast, Cheap, and Dedicated L2

A separate tailor-made network, built on the OP stack, for the fastest trading experience.

What is the Molten app chain?

Get a fast lane

Top tier infrastructure hosted by
Caldera. Trades execute with only
~30ms of latency enabling high
frequency trading on chain.

Built on the OP stack

Molten network is built on Optimism’s OP Stack. We leverage a battle tested codebase for a secure & scalable L2. A portion of sequencer revenue will go to funding public goods as part of the superchain vision.

Quick response time

When other L2's go down, our traders are left at the mercy of outside engineers. With our own network, we can instantly catch problems on the network and start applying fixes before it affects traders.

OEV resistant Oracle

We built out an oracle network eliminating all forms of MEV. Protocols can deploy without centralized keepers and enjoy instant trade execution.

Magma serves as a test network to the Molten network. Try it to get a feel for the upcoming mainnet