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What Is UniDex (UNIDX)?

UNIDX is the exchange token for the UniDex trading terminal. UniDex aims to offer holders a more fair system of product user, and product owner.

UniDex collects trading fees for reveuene generating transactions on the platform such as leverage trades. These fees are then distrubuted to token holders similar to other protocols like Sushiswap.

How much you can earn for holding?

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How to use UNIDX token

Grow your wealth

50% of all trading fees generated gets distributed to token holders automatically and daily. No need for complicated staking systems or vaults. Just hold and get airdropped your rewards.

As a governance tool

The second way to use UNIDX token is as a governance tool where users can vote for changes and additions to the exchange using UNIDX tokens.

UNIDX rewards are made to be sent daily on their respective chains however sufficient revenue needs to be collected in order to do daily airdrops. As of writing airdrops are currently weekly distributed as USDC on the Fantom network. Rewards from the calculator assume a 0.1% performance fee is collected from all products however protocol fees may vary from product to product.